I am a design- and strategy consultant working for German and international clients. Since 2019, I am also a professor and Programme Director of the M.A. Innovation Design Management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.
_The creation of excellent design as a strategic asset.
_The management of design as both strategy and process in the development of innovation.
_Great empathy in understanding customers, brands, and markets.
_A human-centered approach and a constant strive for cultural innovation through design.

Reddot Award, the Good Design Award by Chicago Athenaeum, the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (two nominations), the Award of Excellence and Best of Category at I.D. Annual Design Review, The International Design Yearbook, the Premio SMAU, and others.

Until today I was fortunate to collaborate with clients like Acqua di Parma, BMW, Bosch, Cini & Nils, Coveri, Deutsche Bahn, Fiat, Grundig, LG Electronics, Lufthansa, Kaneka, Küppersbusch, Mandarina Duck, Nemo, Nokia, O Bespoke Travel, Olivetti, Omega, Produzione Privata, Sagem, Samsung, Shan Rahimkhan, Siemens, Suunto, Tenovis, Verri, Whirlpool, and others.

References on request.

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